General Information

Operating Hours

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am-4:30pm MST.

Rental pick ups and returns are by APPOINTMENT ONLY from 9am-5pm MST daily.
If you need accommodations outside of normal hours please contact us to make arrangements.

Pick Up and Return Locations
Unless you add delivery, pick up and return is done in Broomfield CO near 155 Commerce St.  Please plan to meet on the street beside the building – Park St.  DO NOT park in front of the offices at 155 Commerce St.  We DO NOT have a place for you to leave other vehicles during your trip.  If you need to leave a car we recommend using the nearby covered RTD (Denver bus system) garage or open lot.  Airport pick up and return is available for an additional fee and may be added to the cart during checkout.
Pick ups are preferred between 9am – 11am
Returns are preferred between 3pm – 5pm
Airport Delivery

We offer delivery and returns at Denver International Airport for a flat $120 rate.
You will need to contact us to make arrangements at the time of your booking.

Insurance & Rental Terms

Minimum Rental Period

2 days during our summer rental period May 1st – October 31st.

Reservations for less than the minimum period are allowed but will be charged for the minimum rental period for the season.

Included Mileage & Tolls

Rentals include 200-250 miles per day.  Please check vehicle specifics for exact mileage.  Excess mileage is charged at the rate of $0.50/mile.  Unlimited mileage may be added to any trip for a fee of $300.

Guest is responsible for any tolls and tickets incurred during the rental.  Fees will be claimed from the security deposit or billed manually through Outdoorsy for a period of up to 1 year from the end of the rental period.


Age Restrictions
Drivers must be 25 years of age or older.
All drivers must have a valid and current state issued driver’s license. A DMV verification and record check will be performed at the time of booking.
Travel Restrictions
Insurance & Damage Liability

We do not accept adding our vehicles to personal insurance.  Every guest is required to purchase minimum liability insurance provided through Outdoorsy.  Outdoorsy offers 3 packages of insurance with varying levels of coverage and deductible.  The cost and coverage levels is subject to change, and we encourage guests to google Outdoorsy’s renter insurance plans for up to date information. 

Please note that the standard insurance only covers damage to the vehicle resulting from collision with another licensed motor vehicle.  Damage resulting from offroad mishaps such as striking rocks, trees, etc, or a collision with an off-highway vehicle such as ATVs and side-by-sides is typically not covered. You are responsible for ANY AND ALL DAMAGE to the vehicle and ALL ACCESSORIES including but not limited to the roof top tent and kitchen equipment.  Outdoorsy offers “damage insurance” as an option that will cover some of these items.  Ultimately the guest is responsible for ALL REPAIR COSTS up to the full replacement value of the vehicle and accessories, for damages that occur during your rental period whether the damage was your fault or not.  Plan your insurance coverage accordingly.

Off-road driving is inherently risky and insurance can be confusing, so please contact us if you have questions or concerns.  In the event you return the vehicle with damage we will withhold your security deposit while we assess the damage and determine if the security deposit covers the cost.  If the damage is less than your deposit you will receive the difference back within 72hrs.  If we estimate damage exceeds your security deposit we will also charge your card on file the difference between the security deposit and the estimated expenses.  Once all repairs have been completed we will refund any funds in excess of the repair costs and you will receive a statement releasing you from further liability.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is available with certain Outdoorsy insurance packages, or as an add-on.

Rental Rules

Smoking & Pets

Smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited in all of our vehicles, tents, and trailers. We have a zero tolerance policy. You will be charged cleaning and ozone fees of $250+ if any indication of smoking or vaping is found.

Pets are also NOT allowed in any of our vehicles, tents, and trailers. Cleaning fees of $250+ will be assessed if evidence of pets is found.

Before Returning Rental

Vehicle return arrangements must be scheduled at least a day prior to your planned drop off. Please notify us in advance if you’re running late for any reason. A late fee of $30 may be assessed for every hour past your scheduled return.

Before returning your vehicle please insure the following requirements are met:

  • Full tank of gas
  • Remove all trash and personal items
  • Vehicle is clean**
  • Notify us of any damage or mechanical problems

**Please make an effort to return your rental in reasonably clean condition. This includes removing any trash and debris, wiping up spills, vacuuming dirt off floor mats, etc. DO NOT take any of our vehicles through a carwash ‘tunnel’. If the vehicle is covered in heavy mud, dirt, bugs, etc. please take it to a manual hand car wash.

If the vehicle is returned in dirty condition requiring more than a quick touch-up, you may be assessed cleaning fees depending on the cost to return the vehicle to rentable condition.

Driving Limitations

Peak Overland provides vehicles that are well equipped to tackle the rigors of off-road terrain. We upgrade our vehicles with heavy-duty components to help you reach remote destinations. However our vehicles are not indestructible, and should not be treated as such.

Off-road driving can be hazardous and unforgiving. It’s important to know your limitations and turn around if you doubt your ability to safely navigate terrain. You are responsible for any damages or injuries that may result from off-road driving.

We encourage you to enjoy our vehicles safely. This includes a knowledge of vehicle features and capability, as well as off-road driving experience. We will go over each vehicle’s features, in addition to your driving experience.

Please discuss your planned route with us in advance to ensure you’re not attempting any trails that may be closed or considered extremely hazardous.

Peak Overland also promotes responsible use of our public lands. Please be sure you remain on designated trails, do not venture into areas that are closed, do not trespass, ALWAYS obey fire restrictions, and leave campgrounds cleaner than you found them. Responsible use of our public lands ensures they remain enjoyable and available to everyone.

Vehicle & Equipment Operation

Guest agrees to rent and operate the vehicle as provided without making any changes to the vehicle or included equipment.  This includes removing, adjusting, or modifying roof racks, ski racks, tents, roof panels or hardtops, wind fairings, bike racks, spare tires, seats, lights, recovery gear, etc.  Guest may not add their own equipment.  Any damage to the vehicle or attached equipment as a result of negligence, improper use, or not following these guidelines will result in the security deposit being claimed to repair damages, including cost of any applicable parts and labor. Damages in excess of the security deposit will be billed to the renter through Outdoorsy.