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About Peak Overland

Nothing Epic Was Ever Said About The Weekend Spent On The Couch

Peak Overland


Our Mission

Provide our guests with well-equipped turnkey overland rentals that make planning a trip as easy as possible. 

Our Vision

Empower you to get out there and make memories that will last a lifetime, while creating a sustainable future for our public lands by teaching safe and responsible use.

Who We Are

A family owned business born of a lifetime passion for outdoor recreation and off-road exploration. We want to share our love of the outdoors with you and make adventures more accessible for everyone.

Our Vehicles

Our fleet is comprised of top-trim level models that are further enhanced to bring you the ultimate in off-road capability and luxury. We own all of our vehicles and perform all upgrades and maintenance to keep them in optimum condition. Check them out here.

Meet Our Team

Tim Cole

Tim Cole

Founder of Peak Overland

Tim is a Outdoor, Jeep ® & Offroad enthusiast whose passion became a profession when he started Peak Overland.

Kathy Cole

Kathy Cole

Co-Owner of Peak Overland

Kathy is wife to Tim and mother of two adventurers in training. She grew up in Hawaii where she developed a love of the outdoors –admittedly more of the beach kind.