We do things our own way here in Colorado, and that includes spring break. While others are hitting the beaches in Florida or even Mexico, we like to think of spring break as a way to hit the slopes one last time for the season or an opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors in one of our great parks.

If you’re looking for a truly Colorado way to spend spring break, try one of these options:


  • One more ski trip for the season: Colorado’s ski season extends well into April (and the Loveland Ski Area is usually open until early May). If you haven’t gotten quite enough time on the slopes this season, don’t worry. Spring break is the perfect time to sneak in one more ski getaway. Be sure to check out Wolf Creek Ski Area for late-in-the-season options and plenty of snow.


  • Connect with wildlife and nature: Maybe skiing isn’t on your agenda for spring break, but you would like to create a family-friendly experience for kids. If so, Colorado has so many options.

    Estes Park is a great choice for scenic views.

    The Colorado Birding Trail is a great family trip, and your children will love all of the exotic birds they will see on the trip.

    The State Forest State Park invites families to connect with wildlife for an unforgettable trip and incredible pictures.

    Lions, and tigers, and bears! The Wild Animal Sanctuary is an incredible experience that will give your children the chance to see lions, and tigers, and bears, and other animals. The best part of the Wild Animal Sanctuary is that the animals there have been rescued and are able to live free from abuse or harm at this destination.



Colorado has great options to explore and connect with family, friends, and nature – and all you need is the right vehicle to get you there.