John Kelly, former executive vice president of Starbucks, has a great opinion piece at The Wall Street Journal on disconnecting from social media and getting out to see the real America. Great idea!

He writes:

“…[O]ur view of our fellow Americans has been distorted by social media and the news, which relentlessly focus on the most disruptive and negative forces in our country. But ordinary, generous people like the ones my son and I met make up most of America—the populous majority that doesn’t feed on online grievances. Most of the country is too busy living.

“As I handed the keys back to the owner of the RV, I told him that I felt as if I had rediscovered my country driving his vehicle and hoped to use it again. A wide, proud smile came over his face. In broken English, this Chinese software engineer, originally from Shenzhen, replied ‘Of course! That’s why I rent out my RV . . . so Americans can see how beautiful America is!'”

Full article available here.