Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Hoping to escape from a mundane daily routine? Need a safe recreational idea to get out of the house? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions or simply want to experience something that many people are finding comfort in during these trying times, look no further than your next overland camping experience.

Overland camping is a fun way to access remote locations and spend quality time in nature. The ability to make life long memories while rejuvenating your own energy and getting to experience some of the most iconic landscapes in America are all reasons to book today. In fact, getting an overland camping vehicle aids in enhancing the entire trip for a variety of different reasons.

Campsite Access

Planning is an important step in any overland camping trip but knowing that no matter where you end up, you’ll have a campsite available in a fully equipped vehicle can give all involved parties peace of mind. If you want to spend a little more time at one location and don’t make the next campsite – no worries. Tired from a long hike and looking for a little shut eye? Rest easy. The easy set up and ability to garner some rest wherever you are are all benefits to an overland camping vehicle.

4×4 Capability

Four-wheel drive capability is critical during any overland adventure. Since the purpose of these trips is to venture out off the beaten path, having a vehicle equipped for a road less traveled can really help. Don’t worry about getting stuck and ruining a day of your trip and instead forge ahead with these memory making adventures.

Terrain Access

This four-wheel drive capability also aids in gaining access to areas which wouldn’t be reachable in your average car or truck. Not only are you able to haul all of your camping needs and everyone in your party, but the ability to get into remote areas out innnature is truly an advantage of having a vehicle outfitted for overland camping.

Unique Experience

These vehicles also offer a unique experience for both the driver and passengers. Ensure that your party is ready to access sites and other places all while enjoying the comfort of an overland camping vehicle. Don’t waste time having to set up and break down an entire campsite and instead, enjoy knowing that wherever you decide to park is home for the night – complete with a sleeping arrangement that can be ready in mere minutes instead of having to lug out all sorts of equipment. The ability to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less working to maintain a quality environment helps to create an unforgettable experience.

If ready to book your awesome adventure and get safely out of the house, then look no further than Peak Overland. Family owned and operated, our personal love for the outdoors can be seen in each and every detail associated with your entire rental experience. Able to outfit individuals with anything from just an off road vehicle to a fully functional camping experience built onto your chosen mode of transportation, our fleet has anything and everything you could possibly need for a trip on or off the grid. In addition to a wide variety of jeeps and trucks – travel trailers, four-wheelers, and other modes of transportation are also available and ready to rent. Contact us online today or at 720-483-4929 in order to get started booking your next memory making trip of a lifetime. Go on, get outside, and enjoy the multiple benefits of a camping adventure – no matter your length of stay.