During 2020, a new appreciation for all outdoor recreational activities has grown in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. While many enthusiasts always enjoyed getting outdoors, whether by bike, hiking, or some type of vehicle, newcomers have been attracted to the parameters of these activities which help generate a safer environment during these unsure times. The potential for any exposure outdoors appears to be less than events held inside, social distancing measures are easily followed, participation typically involves close family or those whom you have had previous contact and other factors all make outdoor recreational activities a welcome reprieve.

Camping, in particular backcountry trips, meet all of these criteria while providing a safer means of recreation during the pandemic. Backcountry camping offers more isolation and doesn’t come with the amenities associated with typical campgrounds or sites. Instead, the ability to truly get in touch with nature is offered along with memories which will last a lifetime. However, preparation is key for these events and you’ll want to ensure you’ve packed these necessities prior to venturing out on your trip.


Small, easily portable, and the ability to have fire with the flick of a switch all make carrying a lighter with you one of the most important tools of backcountry camping. Even if you decide to venture away from your campsite, carrying the lighter in the event you need a fire at some point, is also possible. This tool saves an abundance of time, just double check that its functional and has plenty of fuel prior to departure.


From cutting up food to preparing kindling, a pocket knife serves multiple purposes in the backcountry. This sharp object comes in handy and is another easily portable tool to carry no matter where your adventures take you.


Access to drinkable water is critical to survival whether you are backcountry camping or living in the middle of a city. Fortunately, there are ways to safely prepare natural sources of water for drinking, including LifeStraw, another critical tool which doesn’t take up much space and can be carried easily.


Some type of lightsource, flashlight, headlamp, or lantern, can make a world of difference in the backcountry – especially at night. As with all of these tools, ensure they’re functioning properly and you have an extra set of batteries (if needed).

First-Aid Kit

You never know what a trip has in store, so having a first-aid kit on hand can be extremely helpful. Even small bandages and band-aids can help to make things more comfortable should you develop a blister or small cut.


Many backcountry camping locations are going to have limited, if any, cell service. While it may benefit you to pack a portable or vehicle charger, having a paper backup map can be extremely important once you’re on a trip.

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