Getting off the beaten path and enjoying the outdoors has always been a great way to relax, unwind, and create lifelong memories. As many events continue to be cancelled and large gatherings limited, individuals search for alternate ways to destress amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic where getting back to nature presents a grand opportunity. Being able to participate as a family unit or even socially distanced with friends, camping and other related outdoor activities have seen a recent uptick in participation.

Camping for beginners involves the purchase or ability to locate a variety of different tools necessary for an enjoyable experience. From tents, sleeping bags and pads, to lighting, an extensive list of materials must be secured prior to venturing out into the wilderness. However, whether you’re a novice or experienced camper, there are a few perks to utilizing a travel trailer in lieu or even in conjunction with that long list of necessary equipment.


Travel trailer set-up takes minutes compared to the amount of time required for putting up a tent and preparing a campsite. Once you arrive at your destination, let the fun begin instead of more work.


Who wouldn’t rather sleep in an actual bed on a queen sized mattress versus the ground. The travel trailer provides many of the same comforts of home, including a better spot to rest once the day is done.


Without a full service kitchen, your camping food experience could be limited to pre-packaged items and roasting marshmallows. However, with a travel trailer, the use of pots and pans for preparing a variety of different foods vastly opens up the available menu options.


When the trip has come to an end, you can spend the final moments enjoying nature or getting back to work. Just like set-up, packing and cleaning up is much easier with a travel trailer. Don’t worry about having to break down tents, roll up sleeping materials, or anything – just shut the door, hook up, and get on your way.


Finally, the space available to families or campers within a travel trailer comes in extremely handy in the event that weather disrupts your trip. Instead of being holed up in a small, confined space, the travel trailer offers more of an opportunity for spreading out and relaxing.

If you’re ready to book an awesome adventure and get safely out of the house, then look no further than Peak Overland. Family owned and operated, our personal love for the outdoors can be seen in each and every detail associated with your entire rental experience. Able to outfit individuals with anything from just an off road vehicle to a fully functional camping experience built onto your chosen mode of transportation, our fleet has anything and everything you could possibly need for a trip on or off the grid. In addition to a wide variety of jeeps and trucks – travel trailers, four-wheelers, and other modes of transportation are also available and ready to rent. Contact us online today or at 720-483-4929 in order to get started booking your next memory making trip of a lifetime. Go on, get outside, and enjoy the multiple benefits of a camping adventure – no matter your length of stay.